Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I've actually had my venerable dreadnought, who I've decided to name Colmus - yes, after Colm Corbec, because I think if he'd been a space marine they would have put him in one... done for a while, though I don't know that much of my army will ever be completely done - I'll always find details I want to improve, and he's no exception.

Anywho... I definitely enjoy working on dreads... I think they're my favorite.  They're smaller than tanks, with a lot less blank space, but enough larger than normal marines that they're a little more fun to mod and paint.

So I found this super cheap one on Ebay, with some damage (broken claw - see below - lots of bad gluing and legs that were barely connected to their feet) and some really bad paint.  I wish I'd thought to take a before picture.  It's got what I believe to be a Forgeworld CCW, that was damaged - the bottom claw was snapped off, and it was badly glued to the body.  So, not having another arm like it, I decided a mod was in order.  I cut a claw off the claw-hand from my ven dread pack, and then cut the sword off an old metal terminator sgt arm and combined them.  Below is a pic, not great, but it gives the idea.

So far he looks pretty good in my opinion, especially after painting over the scorpion green his front plates had been covered in... I replaced his leg armor to some nicer stuff, and added a plate on his right side. I think he's getting some more to truly rep extra armor, but I don't know what I'm adding just yet.  Right now I've got the plasma cannon arm from the ven dread pack on him, but I still have an assault cannon arm and the twin linked lascannon arm he came with, and I'm leaving both of them so I can swap the non-melee arms out for whatever the next battle might need.

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