Monday, March 7, 2011

Originally posted to FB in January, first story idea for Chorus Lucia

So, I was trying to think of background story for my idea for my 40k army and thought of this...

Some time ago, maybe a few hundred or a thousand years ago, a world on the edge of the space protected by the Guardians of the Covenant was attacked by Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons led by one of the Fallen.  The IG and Inquisition forces that were on the planet were all but wiped out, and those that remained joined forces and retreated to a single city with a large number of their young cadets.  The GotC received a call for help and arrived shortly before that city fell, and fought to destroy the armies of Chaos.  Ultimately they fought their way through, captured the Fallen in leadership and retook the city... finding a remnant force of IG and Inquisition cadets, lacking any leadership outside that of their own ranks, fighting a guerilla war in the narrow back alleys.  Impressed with their ability to survive when even their superiors and instructors had fallen - and even more so with the affluent praises they gave to the Emperor when the Space Marines arrived, the Chapter Master offered them the chance to be turned into Space Marines (they were all very young yet) and join the Guardians as part of the new special task group Chorus Lucia 

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