Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Librarian Conversion, part 1

So I got inspired looking at all the neat stuff in the GW locations in the UK.

I started working on a librarian in power armor, and the head of his force weapon fell off when I opened his blister... that gave me the idea to replace it.  I checked my bits and I didn't have any weapons that would work, so my next thought was "scythe".  So, having just started building a few fine cast models, I had some scrap resin around.  I then discovered it's really pleasant to carve (going back to my experience in wood carving when I was a kid)... so he now has a scythe.

I'm next looking for a pair of wings for him.  Not sure if I want to use Sanguinary Guard wings because I don't want to hit the Blood Angels button, so I might try to get the feathered variety of Dark Eldar Scourge wings... or maybe Reaper angel wings... we'll see what I can find I guess.  I'm really going for the "Angel of Death" look on this model, and it's my first full blown conversion on a metal model to boot.  I'm showing him below.  Not my best photo, but the scythe is nicely visible.  I know some people might think the blade is a little small, but I don't want him looking like Mortarion either.

Leicester and Nottingham GW stores, and Warhammer World

My sister got married in Leicester UK last week, so for I left North America for the first time to go to what turned out to be an incredible wedding and a great time.  While I was there, I figured I'd visit some of the GamesWorkshop locations.  I forgot my camera, but luckily, my father had his.

I made a couple discoveries.  My sister's place, as well as the apartment my family stayed in, was within an easy walk of the Leicester GW store.  I've never been to a GW store in the US, I think the closest one is in Maryland or something, so that in its self was an experience.  I don't think I saw any models I'd never seen in a store before, but I've never seen them all in one place either.  (Added plus, NO Magic cards and the children that seem to go with them in too many stores).

The other discovery was that the Nottingham store, which is in the center of Nottingham, maybe a 10 minute walk from Nottingham Castle, is not the main or best thing to see GW-wise, in Nottingham.  On the outskirts of Nottingham, in a section of the city called Lenton, is the entire GW facility, design, production, sales, and even a bar done up as a dwarven tavern.

I love the stores... the GW staff was nice, interested in the customers, and ironically, the guy in the Nottingham store who gave me the address for Warhammer World was actually from Indiana (it's also worth noting that his wife works in the design department, which I thought was cool).  I really enjoyed the experience of spending time in the two retail stores (probably an hour total in Leicester and maybe 30 minutes in Nottingham), but the experience of going to Warhammer World was just, well, an experience.  I had a good time and I was SO thrilled to be able to see their museum-quality displays of painted models, the life-sized Space Marine that I've found out online must have been or GamesDay 09 and the game room.  The terrain is FANTASTIC.  My dad went to Nottingham with me and even he was impressed with the displays and gaming tables.  Here are a few pictures - hopefully I'll get some more of them cleaned up enough to post soon.  (Oh, and for the record, having seen a painted Contemptor in person, and gotten to hold the unassembled model... I'll DEFINITELY be getting one when I can afford it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Display and Traveling

So I got my hands on an old book shelf with 4 shelves (5 including the top) that I'm using to display my army in the living room.  It works pretty well.  By the end of the day I should be able to have about 3/4 of my space marines and vehicles on display and I'm pretty pleased with how they look so far (more pictures may take a little while for the reasons below)

I leave for England tomorrow evening.  My sister's getting married in Leicester, where she's been living while getting her Masters degree, and will probably stay for at least a few years with her soon-to-be-husband.  Because I'm such a nerd, while I'm there I'm going to go to the GW headquarters an hour or so from there in Nottingham while I'm there, and I'm stupidly hyped about it.

So, I'll probably post more in a week or so, unless I can get online in the UK after I visit GW.