Sunday, March 13, 2011

More pictures, and ideas for my IG survivors

So I managed to get a few more pictures today, but I need better lighting I think, with all the black armored marines I wind up getting only all the wrong details if any at all getting captured right now.  Do have a few to post though.  What I've got for now is one of my Inquisition survivors, a tactical marine with flamer, and a grey helmet -
a tactical marine, with black helmet, so a standard space marine, with a meltagun.  This is the color scheme for standard space marines.
And a company veteran with a stormbolter... and yes, he's meant to look like he's giving a benediction... he's actually one of the first figures I built and painted.

I've also figured out the color scheme for my IG survivors - right now represented by my assault marines.  The assault marines have red jump packs like you might expect, but their shoulders, helmet crests and left knee pads are all DA Green with light highlights, and they all got DA left shoulder pads.  Other details are red, and I'm still not entirely sure I love the color combo... but for now they'll do.

It's probably also worth noting that I have only barely begun figuring out how to flock my bases... so they're still looking pretty sloppy.

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