Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Move and new models

So, I haven't played at all or painted much if at all since February.  A good part of my army hasn't come out of its various cases for that matter.  I moved back to Pennsylvania in March, and the room we're going to use for gaming is still being painted, so its staying put away for the moment.


I received two models as presents, the WD Crimson Fists model, and a Storm Talon flyer.  I have to say that I LOVE both models and just finished the basics of putting them together yesterday.  The Storm Talon I plan on magnetizing so that the weapon pods can carry either of the missile options or the heavy bolters.  With the Allies rules of 6th edition, I'm going to build a small Crimson Fists contingent, probably re-purposing some of the retarded amount of tactical marines I have in my Chorus Lucia colors.  I'll also be painting the Vanguard Veterans I picked up at Warhammer World in CF colors.

Maybe I'm just lucky with Finecast so far, but the only thing wrong with my Vanguard Vets was bent swords (fixed after a couple tries with nearly boiling water from a tea kettle), and the Crimson Fists model is perfect as far as I can tell.  No bubbles, the banner shaft is straight and solid, and only minimal flash.  The model is beautifully detailed, and I honestly can't wait to get it primed.

The flyer looks better in person than it did when I first saw the pictures online.  The weapon pods are a lot smaller than the pictures give the impression of, and they seem much more like a part of the machine.  The main engines built near the rear of the model are connected and pivot together, and the twin-linked assault cannons move smoothly.  The tech marine pilot is essentially the same as the one included in the Ravenwing upgrade pack, and seems to suit the model well.

I've read through my housemates copy of the new rules as well.  I like what I've seen thus far, though having only played a few games of 5th ed, I'm a little worried that I'll NEVER learn all the rules as well as I'd like.