Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The army as it stands right now

Supreme Grandmaster
Master of the Deathwing
Grandmaster of Librarians
Interogator Chaplain in Terminator Armor
Command Squad 1 (Apothecary, Company Champion, Standard Bearer, 1 power weapon, 1 meltagun)
Command Squad 2 (Company Champion, 1 meltagun, 1 flamer, 1 plasmagun)

Venerable Dreadnought (twin linked lascannon, heavy flamer)
Dreadnought (extra armor, plasma cannon - assault cannon and twin linked lascannon available)
Deathwing Terminator Squad (with assault cannon)
Scout Squad (10 man, 5 snipers, 1 shotgun, 1 ccw)
Company Veterans Squad (8 man, 2 power weapons, 1 plasma cannon, 1 meltagun, 1 stormbolter)

1st Tactical Squad (10 man, 1 flamer, missle launcher trooper available - all grey helmets)
2nd Tactical Squad (10 man, 1 meltagun, missle launcher trooper available)
3rd Tactical Squad (5 man, sgt has power fist)
4th Tactical Squad (5 man, all beakies, 1 plasma gun
Razorback Transport

Heavy Support:
Predator (lascannon sponsons, stormbolter)
Land Raider Crusader
Devastator Squad (10 man, 2 missle launchers, 2 lascannons)

Fast Attack:
Bike Squad (1 melta gun, sgt has a power axe)
Assault Squad (sgt has power sword and combat shield)


  1. Wow, you really built that up fast! Is it all painted already, or is that just what you own? And roughly how many points is that?

  2. I think the most I can field legally (according to Army Builder because my math skills are rather sub-par) with the Dark Angels Codex is around 3200 - all but the non sniper scouts have at least some paint on them, and maybe 20 figures are at a point where I'd call them finished.

    Really, my current Supreme Grandmaster will probably never go into battle... I have an idea to mod a Living Saint figure and use the stats for him on that figure - for a couple reasons - one is that I am actually not a huge fan of the Az model, I'm avoiding using any Watchers in the Dark in my army, and I REALLY like the Living Saint model.

    And, to be fair, a lot of this army has been presents, either from Emily, or Karl, most of terminators, my devastator squad and a LOT of extra bits were stuff he gave me. Rich D also helped me obtain some of my HQ units and mod parts.