Tuesday, March 8, 2011

expanded backstory

Chorus Lucia
Space Marines Chapter founded from the Guardians of the Covenant.

Colors – Black, Red and Silver – The Chorus Lucia uses most of the symbolism of the
GotC and the Dark Angels, but wears fully black armor with red and some silver details,
and often wear deep or blood red robes over their armor.

Unusually, the Chorus was founded on two groups – a company of GotC and the remains
of a combined IG/Inquisition training base on a Hive world that was nearly taken by
Chaos Space Marines led by one of the Fallen. The CSM bombarded and invaded
Aelinus, which was, at the time, an IG stronghold with an intense Inquisition presence.
The IG garrisons on Aelinus didn’t have a chance when they were somehow pinpoint
bombarded in their barracks. A group of IG cadets in a special Inquisition training
program, whose unit name is now known only at the highest ranks of the Imperium, the
Inquisition and within the Chorus its self, had been sent out on manuevers to plains near
a minor city on the southern most (barely) habitable continent and were spared the initial

When the Thousand Sons landed on that continent it took virtually no time at all for
them to wipe out most of the remaining IG units who were being led ineffectually
by a planetary governor after their general and comissars were killed in the initial
bombardaments – the general’s head, in fact, had become a trophy of the Fallen who
was leading the Thousand Sons in this particular invasion. The remnants of the IG and
Inquisition infantries received orders to .fall back within the walls. The cadets and their
Inquisition trainers didn’t receive these orders and were still a mile outside the city when
the gates were sealed, and when the drop pods of the Thousand Sons started landing on
the outskirts.

Initially, the cadets went to ground, hiding in forests and swamps that were common on
that largely unproductive continent, managing to kill any scout parties sent into areas they
inhabited, but after a month of hiding they received word through a refugee that the city
was falling. On receiving that word their goals and tactics changed from simple survival
to picking off the supply lines of the enemy.

By sheer surprise that there were still forces of the Imperium outside the walls and dome
of the Hive city, the cadets enjoyed significant early successes, in fact capturing a CSM
vox caster that one of their technicians was able to retrofit to Imperial signals. Their
guerilla resistance went on for over two years, but their numbers dwindled – in every raid
there were at least a few injuries and a couple deaths – until by the time they heard over
their scavanged vox caster that the Guardians of the Covenant were coming, there were
only a hundred or so left, a mere third of their original number.

to be continued

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  1. Do you have a symbol/motif for the Chorus of Lucia? Since they're founded as an offshoot of the GotC, with the remnants of the IG force as new recruits, perhaps their motif could be a mix of the GotC symbol (the crossed swords) and the symbol/motif of the parent regiment of the IG, whatever that is.