Friday, March 11, 2011

Painting and story progress...

So... my Inquisition survivors, those that are represented in my currently painted army are:

Tactical Squad  1 - 10 man squad, 2 upgrades - Vet Sgt has a plasma pistol and one trooper has a melta gun.  In this case I envision the sgt not as being more experienced than his men, necessarily, but the one who was the natural leader of a group that started and lived through some extremely hairy stuff together.\

Elements of my 5 man devastator squad - one trooper with a missile launcher, one with a lascannon (though the lascannon trooper's painting isn't complete.

My unique librarian, here named Ra'zel (based on the DA Grandmaster of Librarians, stat-wise), is also a survivor of that core group.  He was the one on the road to becoming an Inquisitor, but the Interrogator Chaplain with the group of GotC noted the psyker mutation in him and arranged to have him trained and indoctrinated as a librarian.  His psychic hood is the same grey as the helmets of the normal troopers of this group.

My Company Veteran's squad is, story wise, elements of that same group who found the Inquisition/IG cadet survivors.  They received laurels painted on their helmets tonight, in DA Green, Goblin Green and Burnished Gold.

On the note of paint colors... most are Citadel, but I have some left over Vallejo paints from a DnD mini project that I've been using.

Citadel Colors:
Scab Red
Red Gore
Blood Red
Chaos Black
Boltgun Metal
Mithril Silver
Skull White
Bleached Bone
DA Green
Goblin Green
Burnished Gold
Badab Black (wash)
Devlan Mud (wash)

Vallejo Colors:
Light Grey (this is the color of the Inquisition survivor helmets and other markings)
Polished Silver

I'm still trying to decide how I want to denote my IG survivors... they are really most of the rest of the troopers of the army, outside the veterans squad, but I'd like to give them some kind of unique marking as well.  Have to think about that... along the lines of a previous suggestion, I'll use the marking or color of their intended IG unit... once I figure out what that is.  Oooh... I had considered modeling that unit after the Blue Bloods (from the Gaunt's Ghosts books)... maybe I'll use a blue... something to think about...

Hopefully will set up a table, my tripod and camera on macro to do pictures tomorrow... keep finding new details to add even to the figures I'm proud of... have to stop eventually though.  I do have the army up to 2500 - 2750 points now though... and really having played only 2 partial games that almost feels silly, but I'm enjoying the process of building and painting at least as much, so I guess it's ok.


  1. one other member of the survivors... or members... the crew of my Land Raider Crusader, including the trooper operating the multimelta...

  2. 2500 pts already? You got it pretty big awfully fast! And don't feel bad about only playing 2 partial games. Collecting/modeling/painting is just as legitimate a hobby as gaming.