Monday, July 18, 2011

Fluff ideas, or the Forgiven

I have a lot of ideas for the story/stories behind my army/chapter.  At this point every time I read a new codex I come up with a little more.  The Chorus are the purists from Hell - they don't trust their Techmarines because they run too close to being heretical with their obsession with the Omnisiah, they feel the Grey Knights are corrupt in their use of daemons and hypocritical in their use of xenos technology.  They feel that the Imperial Guard has some hope, but pity their weakness and their frail bodies... but that most other Space Marines, even the Dark Angels have fallen to some form of corruption or another.

Story ideas though... the main one being their formation - a strike force of the 8th Company of the Guardians of the Covenant came upon a joint IG/Inquisition training group who'd been fighting a guerrilla war against a Thousand Sons invading force.  The GotC with the help of the trainees forced the CSM from the world and returned to the GotC ship.

Once they returned to the ship conversations began about how the trainees could be brought into the Chapter, and other conversations happened, regarding the purity of the Inquisition, or the lack thereof, and somewhere in the Inner Circle of the GotC it was decided to request the creation of a new chapter using GotC gene seed, the strike force that found the trainees and the trainees themselves.  Using the world they'd liberated from the Thousand Sons as a home world, the Chorus Lucia was born.

Since then, the Chorus has ceased to think of its self as truly "Unforgiven" though they still refer to themselves as such.  The thought started among the Inquisition trainees, the leaders of whom were in the beginning phases of Grey Knights training - that if the Chorus continues to remain as pure as possible, forsaking Chaos tainted tools, Xenos weapons, and even being wary of the Omnisiah, they would gain the Emperor's forgiveness for the crimes of their fore-bearers.  The Inner Circle of the Chorus refers to its self, among its self, as the Forgiven.  The Chorus still hunts the Fallen, and are quite successful in the task, but theirs is a hunt now born of righteous rage at the sins of the Fallen, then the guilt of a brother for his brother's sins.

I joke that I won't build a Techmarine for this army - the Chorus doesn't trust their Techmarines to leave the ships.  What I might do eventually is build one of those Joquaro weaponsmiths the Grey Knights use, but stat him as a Techmarine, for further fluff.  As it is I have a Legion of the Damned marine with a multi-melta that I'm going to work into either a command squad or elsewhere, and might eventually build a squad of Legion figures as a command squad, and in story say that the squad attached its self to the Chorus for reasons even the Chorus isn't entirely sure of.

Grey Terminators

So I've started this secondary paint job for my terminators that I like better and has gotten better reception from my friends, even those that don't play.  Still working on getting better photos, but at least the first picture came out OK.  The base of the body is Codex Grey with various washes of Leviathan Purple, and the heads are all Boltgun Metal.  There are still some details to work out, but like most of my figures, these will probably get worked on, on and off, for months or even years.

In the background you can see some of the terrain I've been working on.  The terminators are standing on a custom piece I built out of air dry clay (hand formed for the main portion and using molds for rocks), static grass and terrain moss in two colors.  Behind them are almost complete Citadel trees.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

500 point army

500 pt army to be played possibly tomorrow

10 Man Tactical Squad, standard armaments plus one flamer
5 Man Tactical Squad, standard armaments plus one flamer
6 Man Company Veteran's Squad, 3 with flamers

To be played against Eldar... we'll see how it goes...


Since my last update I've added somewhat to the army, though most of my work has been going into terrain.

I have a total of 4 Deathwing Terminator squads now, 1 squad of which has been repainted to the Grey Man scheme - I'm hoping to get pictures in the next few days.  The special weapons for the Terminators are 2 Heavy Flamers, 1 Assault Cannon and 2 missle launchers - one of the last being customized, the other is fairly old.

1 Speeder has been built, but not painted.  It's configured to have a heavy flamer and a multi-melta, sticking with the heat/flame theme the Chorus has taken on.

The bike squad now also has it's 4th member, an attack bike, which has been painted as War... hope to have pictures of that soon too.

The Company Veteran squad is up to 10 man now, and the beaky tactical squad is now a 10 man.

I can put out a 4000 point army now I believe, and after reading the Grey Knights codex I've realized that I can put out about 500 points from that codex, and with very few additions, could make a 1000 point army using that codex.  I may add some Grey Knight terminators at some point, and it gives me an excuse to build one of the gunships - I love the look of that model.