Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick Notes

So my housemate and I split a Dark Vengeance box with the limited chaplain, and the models are pretty amazing, especially for snap-together pieces.  My favorite so far is that chaplain - I'll have pictures to post soon hopefully.  It's probably obvious that I got the Dark Angels half of the box, but I was also lacking a blast template, so I snagged the templates too.

Also, the rumors/leaked photos about the new Dark Angels models are pretty incredible.  I know a lot of people on the 'net don't like them, but even the kind of odd looking land speeder looks very cool to me.  Of course I like the GW Exorcist SoB tank that looks like a mobile pipe organ, so that might be somewhat predictable.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the Dark Knights models, as well as the rules for the crazy plasma guns they have on the front of the bikes rather than the usual bolters.

In other news, I may also start a small detachment of IG for use as Allies and to give me an excuse to eventually buy a Shadowsword kit.

Enough babbling for now - I'll try to get some pictures put up after the holiday.