Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Librarian Conversion, part 1

So I got inspired looking at all the neat stuff in the GW locations in the UK.

I started working on a librarian in power armor, and the head of his force weapon fell off when I opened his blister... that gave me the idea to replace it.  I checked my bits and I didn't have any weapons that would work, so my next thought was "scythe".  So, having just started building a few fine cast models, I had some scrap resin around.  I then discovered it's really pleasant to carve (going back to my experience in wood carving when I was a kid)... so he now has a scythe.

I'm next looking for a pair of wings for him.  Not sure if I want to use Sanguinary Guard wings because I don't want to hit the Blood Angels button, so I might try to get the feathered variety of Dark Eldar Scourge wings... or maybe Reaper angel wings... we'll see what I can find I guess.  I'm really going for the "Angel of Death" look on this model, and it's my first full blown conversion on a metal model to boot.  I'm showing him below.  Not my best photo, but the scythe is nicely visible.  I know some people might think the blade is a little small, but I don't want him looking like Mortarion either.

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