Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Army Transport

So thanks to my wonderful girlfriend (yes, she gets referred to that way here a lot, but she IS my primary enabler :) ) my army now has better luggage than I do.

I currently have all the foam from my citadel cases in it, which works pretty well, but will hopefully be obtaining the Sabol trays over the winter.

Pics of this, and of my Librarian conversion, soon, possibly over the weekend.


  1. Hey, I have a quick question for you--could you do me a favor and measure the width of your Land Raider tracks for me. I'm thinking of doing a scratchbuilt project and I want to see if a Land Raider's tracks are the right size.

  2. Sure... I'll put that up in a little while. If you're interested, I got a pattern from somebody on dakka for a land raider too.

  3. Inside tread to inside tread: 2.25 inches
    tread width: 5/8 inch
    outside tread to outside tread: 3.5 inches