Sunday, October 9, 2011

Display and Traveling

So I got my hands on an old book shelf with 4 shelves (5 including the top) that I'm using to display my army in the living room.  It works pretty well.  By the end of the day I should be able to have about 3/4 of my space marines and vehicles on display and I'm pretty pleased with how they look so far (more pictures may take a little while for the reasons below)

I leave for England tomorrow evening.  My sister's getting married in Leicester, where she's been living while getting her Masters degree, and will probably stay for at least a few years with her soon-to-be-husband.  Because I'm such a nerd, while I'm there I'm going to go to the GW headquarters an hour or so from there in Nottingham while I'm there, and I'm stupidly hyped about it.

So, I'll probably post more in a week or so, unless I can get online in the UK after I visit GW.

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  1. I'm interested in hearing your report. Have a good trip.