Friday, September 30, 2011

A few more pictures

I was able to get a few more pictures done.  We'll start with my favorite tank - Lucia's Tear - I was feeling creative the day I started it, so it's got a unique paint job, which fits with its intended role as sort of a centerpiece of the army.  I may re-work the sponsons soon - that's the only paint on the tank I'm not happy with.

Next, I've got a Captain in Terminator Armor, who'll probably take the place of the previous model I was using for the Master of the Deathwing.  He still needs basing, but other than that I think he came out pretty well.

And finally, for this post at least, we have my Legion of the Damned models.  I dig the story, and love the models, so even though they're not included in the Dark Angels codex I painted a squad of the Legion.  I'm intending them as either a 5 man Company Veteran's Squad to use with the DA codex, or an excuse to occasionally run a base Astartes army.  A Couple of them still need their eyes/lenses painted... I had been thinking the armor could use some highlights or gloss, but I kind of like the flat, burned look on them for their theme and all.

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