Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trade and additions

A few weeks ago a friend mentioned that he had a small 40k army someone had given him some time ago that he was going to sell before moving out of state while we were talking about different games.  He's a big Magic the Gathering player and I happened to have a collection I started in about '93 that had been sitting in a box for a decade so we discussed a trade.  Long story short, through another friend who acted as broker the trade happened this weekend and I'm thrilled.  For one box of cards, about equal in value to the broker-friend's estimate of the value of the 40k army, I got:

2 Rhinos circa 93, good condition, both have tiny issues that will take me about 5 minutes to fix, plastic
1 Whirlwind circa 93, plastic hull, metal turret, very good condition
1 Razorback circa 93, plastic hull, metal turret, very good condition
1 "Lasorback" circa 93, plastic hull metal turret, very good condition
1 Dreadnought, metal, assault cannon and CCW, good condition but needs to be stripped - the primer and paint are very heavy in some spots.
48 marines of various generations in power armor, some of which need parts.  4 are chest-huggers I may not use, two lascannons, two heavy bolters, 2 missile launchers and a plasma cannon
5 plastic terminators on 25mm bases - all need to be stripped but are otherwise in good condition
2 metal terminators on 25mm bases - lightning claws and TS/SS, unpainted
1 plastic land speeder that needs some work
1 Dark Angels Chapter Master figure, without the helm-bearer, unpainted and in nearly mint condition
1 metal techmarine with arm, needs a lot of stripping but may be viable
1 company captain in power armor, primed and in great condition
1 older style librarian in power armor, primed and in great condition
1 oooold style Blood Angels chaplain of the same type as my other one, unpainted and in very good condition - I'll probably trade or sell this one
1 metal apothacary with power sword primed and in good condition
1 metal standard bearer primed and in good condition
1 GW Army Carrier - case is in perfect condition, but I'll probably replace the foam at some point.

The army is mostly primed green with some paint - the tanks have almost no paint so they'll be really easy to work with.  It also seems to have been done on the DA codex, except the Blood Angels chaplain, so they'll interface very nicely with my current army.  I'm really happy about this deal - it cost neither of us anything , but it allowed us both to have more fun with hobbies we like and get rid of stuff we're not using.

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