Monday, August 22, 2011

New tank

I just finished the construction of a new tank - purchased as a GW Predator, but with magnets, it can be a lot of things.  At present, until I can get my hands on some bits, it can be:

Predator - AC Turret, Heavy Bolter sponsons
Predator - Lascannon Turret, Heavy Bolter sponsons

I can attach a pintle mounted storm bolter to any of the options, and I'm trying to figure out where I can stick a hunter killer.  I need 8 bits to be able to use lascannon sponsons, and I think 6 each to be able to do a heavy bolter or lascannon Razorback.

The "commander" operating the stormbolter I kitbashed and converted a little... well more properly, I modified the arms meant to operate the SB, so he could have one hand on it and the other hand flourishing the chain sword arm from the space marine captain set, and he's got the bare head with breather head attached to him.  The "commander" who would appear to be driving the tank is also bareheaded.

Have to think of a name for it now...

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