Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since my last update I've added somewhat to the army, though most of my work has been going into terrain.

I have a total of 4 Deathwing Terminator squads now, 1 squad of which has been repainted to the Grey Man scheme - I'm hoping to get pictures in the next few days.  The special weapons for the Terminators are 2 Heavy Flamers, 1 Assault Cannon and 2 missle launchers - one of the last being customized, the other is fairly old.

1 Speeder has been built, but not painted.  It's configured to have a heavy flamer and a multi-melta, sticking with the heat/flame theme the Chorus has taken on.

The bike squad now also has it's 4th member, an attack bike, which has been painted as War... hope to have pictures of that soon too.

The Company Veteran squad is up to 10 man now, and the beaky tactical squad is now a 10 man.

I can put out a 4000 point army now I believe, and after reading the Grey Knights codex I've realized that I can put out about 500 points from that codex, and with very few additions, could make a 1000 point army using that codex.  I may add some Grey Knight terminators at some point, and it gives me an excuse to build one of the gunships - I love the look of that model.

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